E-Commerce Services

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In eCommerce, competition is Very high; the offers are short-lived and transparent for the user. As a website operator, you are therefore permanently faced with the challenge of monitoring the market and generating unique content with added value for the user on the ongoing new product pages. In doing so, you create competitive advantages for yourself while remaining visible in the search engines and for the user.

Ecommerce Consulting Services

Technology and market entry consulting

Guiding towards an optimal ecommerce platform. Researching market opportunities: target audience, growth potential. Researching market entry complexities: competitors, governmental regulations.

Business optimization and operational consulting

Improving stalled business workflows. Planning a cross-system integration landscape. Implementing a business-wide data management strategy. Reviewing your digital experience strategy to drive business KPIs up.

Ecommerce Development Services

UX and UI design

Target audience research: interviews, personas, user stories. Wireframing and prototyping. Usability testing. Forming a UI kit to reflect the personality of your brand.

Webstore setup

Bringing to life all the functional requirements planned. Front-end and back-end development. Mobile development.

Custom ecommerce development

Headless and PWA development. AI-driven personalization. Voice-powered commerce. AR-powered experience.

Ecommerce integration

Enterprise resource planning, Marketing automation, Customer service, Content management, Product information management.

Support and Maintenance Services

Ecommerce testing

Website functionality for various user scenarios, Ecommerce solution integrations, SEO-related aspects, Website performance, Security.

Ecommerce audit

Assessing digital experience and planning a website redesign strategy. Reviewing the code and analyzing its impact on the website operation. Revising and updating security patches. Full checkup of IT infrastructure.

Ecommerce Growth and Optimization

Digital marketing automation

Integrating proper technologies for omnichannel marketing:
Email marketing. Social media marketing. Content marketing. SEO marketing.

Business performance optimization

Expanding customer acquisition channels. Enabling an omnichannel business model. Auditing digital user experience and introducing design improvements. Improving the checkout experience. Advancing data analytics capabilities.

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